Detailed Directions!

Where’s the Picnic?

Next to Christ Church meadow!

You can get here by heading south from Oxford Town Hall and Carfax Tower. As you’re travelling down the hill you will pass Christ Church on the left side. After Christ Church there is a large gate which leads to a walk way. Follow the path (Broad Walk) up towards some stairs that lead to a gravel path. Turn right on to poplar walk and head south towards the river. We’ll be in the field on the right. Look out for pink picnic blankets!

Travelling By Oxford Tube? Get off the coach at St Aldates and walk south until you reach the large gates at Board Walk. Turn left and follow the path down towards the fields.

Train? The picnic will be a 1 mile walk from the Train Station. Here’s the instructions on how to walk from the station.

In short. After leaving the station, head east towards town and then south towards the town hall (bottom of the high street) Keep heading down St Aldates until you get to some large metal gates leading to Board Walk/Christ Church Meadow.

How to find us:

We’ll be sitting on bright pink picnic blankets and we’ll have a big bright red umbrella with us. Keep an eye on our twitter as we’ll be posting pictures of where we are.


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