Starts 10.30am 6th June. Here’s the Eventbrite page!

It’s time for something a little different!

LudoLunch: On the grass™ is the worlds first* game developer picnic! Come join us in Oxford for a day of talks, games (board, video and physical!) and most importantly, high intensity picnicking.

We’re planning to grab a nice patch right by Christchurch meadow, where there is soft grass and plenty of shade. Bring and share your home made picnic food or pop to the Tesco across the road to pick up some supplies. Remember picnic blankets so you don’t have to sit on the grass if it’s a little muddy!

LudoLunch is a family friendly event. Bring the little ones, or even your dog (no cats please (ok, you can but it will be weird)).

LudoLunch: In the pub™ At 5pm we will be heading to one of Oxford’s lovely pubs for an evening of drinks to chill out after the event.

Consider bringing

  • Jumpers and raincoats in case it rains.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses in case it’s sunny.
  • Umbrellas are worth bringing for shade.
  • Extra picnic blankets to sit on. We’ve got some but if you have spare that would be great.
  • Food and drink. Hydration is important, especially if it’s hot. Remember to bring water!
  • Games you don’t mind other people playing. Don’t bring anything too precious.

*Probably not the first but we are terrible at google.

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